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34 Auburn University at Montgomery 5.Exclusions: No employee, student or contractor is excluded from compliance with the P2P policy without prior approval of the CIO. A request to use P2P software for a legitimate academic need must be submitted to the CIO for review prior to the use of the software on university equipment. 6. Legal Alternatives to File Sharing: Music and movies may be legally obtained through online subscription services or from sites officially permitted by the copyright holder to offer certain downloads. Some of these "free" or "pay-for-play" services are listed below. AUM does not recommend or endorse any one of these services. MusicMovies 7. AUM reserves the right to monitor and regulate individual resource usage to promote optimum system-wide performance and/or optimum performance for critical or priority functions. It is the responsibility of each individual to use university IT resources in an appropriate manner and to comply with any federal, state and local statutes as might apply to IT resources. Violations of policy or law or attempts to circumvent or subvert system or network security measures may include loss of user account, university sanctions and other civil and criminal penalties 8. Students found in a second violation of ITS policies may be referred to the University Committee on Discipline for adjudication, in addition to loss of computer access and other criminal or civil penalties. Student E-mail Policy At Auburn Montgomery, e-mail is considered an official medium for communicating with students. All students are responsible for checking their AUM issued e-mail accounts in a timely fashion and on a regular basis. The official e-mail system for students is identified by and can be accessed via My AUM ( E-mails are property of the University. Please refer to the I.T. Student e-mail policy for additional detail.

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