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26 Student Organization Accounts Auburn University at Montgomery Registered student organizations may establish university revenue and expenditure accounts through the Cashier Office. All use of money from these accounts must be in compliance with university policies and procedures. The Director of Student Involvement can explain this process to any registered organization interested in establishing an account. Registered student organizations may use an off-campus checking account and conduct financial transactions with a local bank. In order to do so, they must: • Be associated with Auburn University at Montgomery and include reference to same in the name of the organization (e.g., AUM Accounting Club, AUM Sociology Club, etc.); • Be currently registered as a student organization with the AUM Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs • Apply for an EIN (taxpayer identification number). Registered student organizations do not receive funds directly from the university but are eligible to apply for funding from the SGA Appropriations Committee. Rules and Regulations Advertising and Distribution Regulations The following policies govern how events can be publicized on campus for student organizations: All posters, announcements, advertisements, etc., placed in public areas on campus must be approved by the appropriate university office. - The Cashier Office approves materials for all off-campus vendors, including community service announcements and boards in Taylor Center. - Deans and directors must approve all materials posted on boards assigned to their departments. Student organizations and off-campus vendors may not post signs on these bulletin boards. - The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs approves all materials for students and student groups before posting on campus. • Signs may not be attached to painted surfaces. • Signs may not be placed on glass anywhere on campus. • Signs may not be attached to traffic signs, buildings or other permanent structures. • Individuals and groups are encouraged to demonstrate good judgment and avoid offensive or lewd comments or drawings on all publicity material. Any materials found objectionable may be rejected for posting by the approving authorities. • Signs posted without approval will be removed and the individual group/ organization responsible for posting the signs may be restricted from further use of bulletin boards on campus and/or fined. • All bulletin boards will be clearly labeled as to the department and the procedure for posting materials. • Free-standing signs may be used at the entrances to the campus to welcome

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